Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Week 3 is Done and the Battle with the Rats is Still ON….

For all the moments that seem to suck the life out of you…like rats or backed up drains…there are so many precious moments that capture you heart in this place. Tonight I headed down to play soccer, really feeling tired and just thinking I was going to deliver the ball and sit and watch. Got there and it was the little boys. We had three on three…all kicked off our flip-flops and played. Love those moments, taking in them having fun, laughing, and heckling each other. I love observing the culture, taking in the language, seeing Haiti for its sweet beauty and richness. Love thinking about how we are on this small island just embracing a game of soccer together. It is those sweet moments that get your through the moments that sometimes make it so challenging that you feel like throwing in the towel. Week 3 is done. Good week, ended it with a party for Jesus and a piñata. Hahah, always makes me laugh how the children love it with great great smiles. We got blessed with a free gift, kind of crazy. The pastors were really hoping to send children home with bibles. As I was budgeting it appears that we had enough for some, but not all three weeks. The pastor called a friend in the city and he said he had 45 he could give to us for FREE. I laughed because I have never been given anything free here, crazy. We got to hand out bibles yesterday to the children, which was pretty neat in itself, onto of it God giving us 45 free bibles. Next week we are going to try camp and workshops in the afternoon. We found three teachers that are going to come teach the children certain trades that are in the community. Could totally blow up in our faces and not work, but excited to give it a chance and see what happens. Some of our youth workers have done all the leg work for the afternoon, so it has been fun to turn more leadership over to them and have faith in them budgeting for it, talking with the teachers, finding the equipment, and teaching it with the teachers. You never know til you try…I have learned to let more go in Haiti. Fully knowing that it could all fall apart, but have gotten to a sweet place in life that I have learned to fully let it go. There is a verse in the bible that says, “Who can know enough to be his counselor?” Love it for so many reasons, but mostly because just challenges to always know and remember that God is all knowing, all powerful and all I can do is be faithful and know that he will show up in his timing. Today we got to kick it in the woods and cook corn with the boys. Love those times. Jean Kelly is 11. He makes the fire and cooks away. Bare footed and hands in the fire, makes you almost laugh. He talks away and cooks. Just fun to spend time with the kids when they are in their element and embracing Haiti. Thankful for today. Thankful for relationships that we have in Haiti. Thankful that we have a God that is all knowing and always present. Thankful for a God that can bring beauty in the midst of suffering and hardship. Thankful for a God that knows all of us by name. Love you all. Thanks for following us. Such a BLESSING to have you all here with us. Will post pictures when we have more internet in two weeks…until then….love you.

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