Friday, July 20, 2012

This Little Light of Mine….

Have to say that the candle that Ryna has found in here case from 2009 has in its own way kept me sane. Hahaha. Yesterday morning I heard Ryna screaming from the bathroom..figuring it was a rat. Yup….she flies out of the bathroom, hands shaking, the rat was in the back of the toilet and when she flushed the toilet it scurred out and she climbed on top of the toilet and it was running on the ground, trapped her inside…it is on…the battle of the rats. We recvered and I came to the kitchen and lite the candle…it is bringing us peace. Hahah. Today we came home and we are pretty sure there is another dead one under the oven…what does Leah do, lites the candle. This little light of mine…I am sure that God will make the candle last these three weeks while we are here. This little light of mine…I am going to let it shine…and we have a show down with the rats…its on. Hahah Last night we had to clean another bathroom because the other bathroom is having issues with the pipes…backed up…one thing after the other seems like. Anyway…Ryna and I are cleaning away, laughing because that is all we can do…..but somehow I loose my footing and take the biggest digger in slug water..o we roared laughing. Pretty sure I would have cried my eyes out if Ryna wasn’t here…she has been a sweet, sweet blessing. Got back up, covered in slug water and finished cleaning and then proceeded to go lite our candle..hahahah..this little light of mine. .. We will let it shine..ain’t no Satan gonna drive us nuts with rats, backed up pipes and all that other great jazz. Camp has been going great, the workers have been a sweet blessing. Tomorrow we will be done with our third week, more than hald way through. Kin dof crazy. We got blessed with 40 free bibles to give the kids. Kind of crazy, a man in Port-de-Paix cant sell them anymore and he said he would give them to us. Might be the first time I have ever gotten anything free in Haiti. So tomorrow we are having a party for Jesus. Pinata, dance party, bibles and all…we had children ages 6-8, but pretty sure some of the parents lied about some of the kids ages. Some kids barely talk…and are so tiny. I asked a girl what age she was yesterday and she said, “3” hahahah…yup..that is what I thought. Roll with it. Been neat to just embrace Haiti and it beauty that lie in the people. Have appreciated just watching the children play soccer, laugh together. Yesterday, someone had roller blades that they bought in the city. First time I have ever seen them in Haiti. Wilfete, one of our workers thought it would be a good idea to try them. O Lord, might have been one of the funniest things that unfolded. He stood up, tried to get his balance, went up and down within a minute and continued to say he was scared of them..hahahah, at age 23, scared of roller blades. Ready for rest tomorrow and the weekend to arrive, need sleep and rest. Next week we start week 2 and workshops. Excited to see how they go. Put out youth workers in charge of budgeting and figuring out logistics for me, trying to hand more off to them and give them opportunity to organize and work together. We will be teaching the children a couple of trades that are in the community. Excited to see it unfold and watch the children engage. Today was having a hard time getting going and really felt like staying in bed. Tired, leg is having a weird pain, so hot last night in sleep, was just grumpy…got to camp and looked at the faces of the children and worked myself out of my funk. My life compared to theirs is nothing…my pains and “issues” is nothing compared to what some of these children walk through. Just neat to looked in their eyes this morning as I was struggling with my own self. Grateful for this place and hearts and joy of children.

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