Friday, July 6, 2012

Moments of the day

We made mask today. Camp is finished at one and at 4 I looked out to see this little girl cruising by on her bike. She popped a U turn and cam back to take a photo. Love that she was still rocking her precious mask 3 hours later.
This is PURE JOY. We all decided to jump on each other, their laughter was contagious. I lost it.
This photo started with one child and me. It turned to this and my face looks like this because it is 10 seconds before I fell. Good day with the kids.
A father was trying to teach her to crochet. About 30 minutes into it he was ready to quit and walking her to the door. I told him, "Nope, takes longer than 30 minutes to learn." He laughed and kept going. Within another 30 minutes she had it. He called me over with excitement for me to watch. Best moment of the day. To watch a father engage with his daughter and teach her.
Father's daughter that learned to crochet.
W and I being funny. One of the best workers we got. Always ready to help.
Making it work with what we got. Kids are chowing down. So many of them this is there first meal of the day. Had a couple crying this morning saying they had a hurt stomach. Don't know how they do it.
Favorite moment of yesterday. We have been cranking Jesus music in the church and two of our workers took the mic and began to rock out. Made my day, it was precious. Then one proceeded to the middle of the room to dance with me like we were figure skaters. hahaha, priceless. Yes, I am still a child at heart.

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