Friday, July 6, 2012

A Day of Many Emotions

We got to Cite Soleil late today because of transportation issue, but I will tell you, it was probably the best welcome I have ever gotten from anyone. I walked in and the children in one accord said, "Leah," with the most precious smiles. Then my little buddy who danced with me yesterday just ran to me with open arms, almost started crying. There JOY amazes me. Amazes me. Good day, had a day full of camp. The afternoon was another spirit filled afternoon. They have been cranking music for the children in the afternoon and today a song came one and I looked around the room and most of the children were singing along. I almost started to cry, it was just beautiful. The songs chorus was, "We adore, we adore our god. He is the only one, the beginning and the end, Alpha and Omega." So neat to just watch the children sing in one accord and work at the same time. They kept repeating the song for me because they saw that I liked it so much, hahaha. They played it four times in a row:) Sweet moment to the day. Another sweet moment was watching a father trying to teach his daughter how to crochet. They worked for about 30 minutes and she couldn't get it, he started to walk her to the door and I said no with a smile. Told him it takes more than 30 minutes to learn it, keep teaching her. About an hour later he called me over, he had a beaming smile on his face, she got it. He taught her. He was so happy. A sweet day. A hard day in my heart. I have had the opportunity to watch this community come together in a mighty way. It is glorious, but at the same time my heart breaks for this place. It is so full of talent, energy, ambition, hope, and smiles that can easily get lost in the shanties and streets. Today at the end of the day one of the workers and I broke out in dancing. We acted like figure skaters, we were ridiculous and I am sure everyone in there thought I was crazy. But what made me smile about this moment was this worker can be a very hard person. He used to run in a pretty tough gang and I know I don't know the half of it, but here I was today watching him break out in dancing with a smile that could light a dark room. Made me smile because I could see him being softened in his spirit by the atmosphere, people, joy, the Lord, and the community. What if this was present everyday in this place? My thought for the day....Made my heart break because I think about leaving Cite Soleil in two weeks and this coming to an end. Feel like God wants us to do so much more with his people in Cite Soleil. Last day of camp tomorrow, then one week done. Kind of crazy how quickly it comes and goes. Continue to pray for the camp, community, and team. Ryna comes in tomorrow, excited for a side kick. Pray for her travels, the bags, her spirit, and strength. So exhausting getting to Haiti, pray for a swift flight. Love you all...till next time...

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