Monday, July 2, 2012

As Tough As an Ox

Well, the day has been good. Finally got myself into Cite Soleil and was greeted by the kids and them hanging on me. Ahaha, pretty sure I am coming home with ring worm. I also think I planted my lips on ring worm, bonus..hahhaha. That’s ok, wanted a souvenir for when I got back to the states. The day was good. Headed in to figure out the details for the camp, arrange the church to fit the children, and talk with the staff that will be working with us. We have one woman working for us. I like her; she is as tough as an ox. She as sweet as a flower, but you can tell she has some toughness and sassy in her. Women are often “behind the scenes” in Haiti. They are at home bathing kids, laundry, cooking, but not Dorothy. I often think they would love to be working, but often think it is the norm and expected of them. Often you see the women oppressed into the situation and there is little way out of it. Last time we were here we met a woman that was raising her three children in a room about the size of an SUV van. We asked her where the father was and she said, “He comes every month.” Today I called out a man that said he had two wives. Don’t think he likeed it, but asked him why, then preceded to tell him if my husband or boyfriend ever did that to me, I would kick him to the curb. Don’t know if he liked it too much, but started up a good conversation about how God wants us to treat wives, women, and girlfriends. I asked Dorothy if she had a boyfriend and she waves her head in disgust..had to laugh. She has got a good head on her. I told her to wait for the right one. She smiled, she knew what I was referencing. Referencing the large amount of men that have lost the ability to know how to treat a woman by having two women. Called her my sister today and she laughed. I followed it up with; we look the same, don’t we? She laughed and some of the men said, “yes, you are milk and she is coffee.” I like her strength and sassy. She is my tough as an ox woman and I can guarantee that she will be the one that carries the load. Excited to work with her. Time in Cite Soleil was good. Got ready for the camp and we are going to employee some people in the afternoon to teach little trades that they have taught themselves. Two of the people will be teaching crochet so today we found ourselves walking through the shacks to find yarn, and wouldn’t you know we came to a little shack that was selling massive amounts of yarn. Kind of made me laugh, you can find everything in ayaiti, you just need to know someone who knows someone. So tomorrow we begin. We have as much in check as we can. Food..check…materials…check....workers …check…lots of Jesus…check…church…check…energy for Leah…we shall see…hahah....yarn..check. Be praying the camp, the logistics, the energy of the workers, the spirit of our good Lord to infuse that place. Pray for the workers that they might see it as the glory of God and not just a job. Pray that the children would feel the love of Christ. Pray for the community that they might continue to see the Lord through this. Pray for safety. We will be driving into Cite Soleil, my first time driving in Haiti. Pray all the things that need to happen. Continue to pray for the teammates that are on there way. My Ryna comes in on Saturday, excited to see her face and get her Creole and joy in Cite Soleil. Following her is our “gwo blanc” Ricky. That means big white person. Hahah…he brings the energy and always carries massive amounts of JOY. Following him will be my sista, Caitlin. Pray for her hands and her ability to sling that paint. We have a strong team this year, so blessed by their joy, energy, faith, and joy to be walking in this mission. Love you all, could not do it without you all. Pictures soon to come.

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