Friday, June 29, 2012

Haiti Time and Maybe Fishing

The first blog while in Haiti and many more to come. I am safe and sound, the team has yet to arrive, and they are coming in one by one. Ryna will be my first partner and in crime, followed by Ricky and Caitlin. I was able to get all the bags here, no problems coming in, and another easy flight. Thank you Jesus. Had a neat day embracing Haiti. Took off with one of my friends to a village that is on a salt-water lake. Kind of crazy, the road winds you down to this little village that is on a lake full of water, but undrinkable. They struggle to get water. Did a hut visit. There is a woman that is about to have a baby and went with my friend to check in on her. Imagine being 9 months pregnant and being in the middle of nowhere, couple days from birth without a car or any form of transportation? This little hut was the size of a small room, closed in and hot. We left and she was so grateful for the care. Another world… Found our way outside and rocked it out with some kids and sang a little, “Joy in my Heart” in Creole. We threw it down, danced it out, and pretty sure the elders laughed at me like I was a crazy blanc. Love being a crazy blanc, seems to fit in and help you adapt to unfamiliar situations. Got to head down to the lake and talk with some guys that were fishing. They were fixing their nets and getting ready for the next day. The wood boats seemed like a floating device that could possibly work, possibly. Had a fun little convo with them and asked if I could come back and go fishing with them. They laughed and said yes. Ryna, if you are reading this you might be my partner in crime for this. How much fun does that sound, waking up nice and early and spending a day in the “boat” to learn how the Haitians fish….hahaha, are you in? Neat to visit the village. Continue to be amazed at their strength. Every situation, home, story I enter into continues to amaze me. Their strength is such a beautiful story. Taking the next couple of days to see friends and rest. Getting to Haiti, leaving home had a bit of opposition so going to just embrace a couple days off. Monday is go time. Continue to pray for the children and the camp. Pray that God would use this summer as a tool to reach the communities and children. Pray for our team as they come and go. Pray that God would continue to show us how to move forward and vision for Making Roots. Pray for the paint. Trying to get it here now so that Caitlin can paint up a storm with the people. Love you all, so thankful that you are walking in this with us. We are blessed to know you, have your support, and feel your love through this ministry.

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