Sunday, August 14, 2011

Week Two Done

Week 2 is fini! Crazy how time is flying by. Soaking up Haiti. The children were great this week. Repeated a bit of the same activities that we had from last week, but it was neat to see it through the eyes of a different age group. We ended the week with a presentation of children singing, telling jokes, or dancing. It was hilarious. I had a couple of boys ask me to play some rap because they wanted to dance. So I threw down some rap for Jesus and the kids began to break dance. Probably the cutest, funniest thing I have ever seen. When I say break dancing, I mean break dancing. These kids were 11 years old. At one point he put a kid on his shoulders and the kid on his shoulders held the third kid with his feet, then all three children together began spinning around. I almost lost it. Precious!

Good week, week three next week and then we are done out in Passe Cataboise. My dad made it safely here and he is working away. Ryna is in good health, we have been so blessed. Still rocking it out and thanking God for everything he has provided. Still continue to enjoy this place and the people. Been great to play soccer because it is a moment to embrace the children and community. A lot happens on the soccer field. Opportunities to get to know people, teach lessons, make friendships, and grow in language. The children are killing me. I think I am getting old because I can’t keep up like I used to. I am dying in the heat. Sweating everyday. Today I told Ryna that I think I was sweating out of my big toe. So hot.

I was able to head into Port-de-Paix the other day and get my father, which I enjoy because I get to rid on the back of the motto and take Haiti in. Love observing the culture and people. Women on the donkeys heading to the market, children walking for water, tap-taps packed with 40 people, the chaotic transitions at the river. The motto ride in to Port-de-Paix is about 10-15 miles and it takes about 1-2 hours. My dad compared it to motto crossing races. Seems a bit like that. Dodging holes, rocks, cutting the gas when you go down hills, dodging the mud, one usually prays the whole time. Then you think about how if you were in the states you would have a helmet on and then you pray even harder. An adventure all the time.

Week three next week, until then two days of rest. Love you all, continue to be grateful for all of you that support us. Will post more pictures in a week. The Internet is very slow right now.

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