Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tent cities that were created after the quake. So many of these cities, everywhere!

This was the median of the road. People had made makeshift houses in the median of the road after teh quake.

We were distributing food to families.

Saw this child standing in this same position, two days in a row. Reminded me to keep my eyes on Jesus!

A makeshift home after the quake.

On a road trip today, we took off for Karfou today so that Tammy could speak to a woman about getting water purifiers for the water in Cite Soleil. Countless tents were on the road. Looks like refugees camps everywhere. Sheets, cardboard, tin, you name it, they used to make houses. A field full of tents, spreads over the hills and your eyes can not even begin to grasp what they might be living through. Heartbreaking, but at the same time they share smiles with you in exchange for your smile. \On the way to where we were going today we saw a crowd, come to find out that a man had been gun down by the police. Life here seems so tired, exhausted, and without hope. People walk the streets trying to sell things.

We were driving through a part of the city today and the massive destruction left me speechless. Everything destroyed, building, streets, people everywhere. The worst I have seen. Some buildings that are half down, some with just a couple cracks, but all of them now needing to come down because their structure has been damaged. So many years of work ahead. Driving through the streets, came across three men washing themselves in a dirty puddle. Right across the street we spotted a rat searching for food, just disgusting. Hurts to have to watch humans live this way. Driving out to where we were going today we saw a crowd. They were surrounding a young boy who had just been gun downed by the police. We don't know why, the man we were with thought that maybe he had stole something. My heart hurt for the situation and the knowing that it happens all the time. Time after time we would stop at traffic lights, intersections and countless children would come to our car and beg for money and food. It is a lot worse than the last time we were here. Their faces were hallow and hopeless. They were not more than ten years old. What is for these children? What do they go home to at night? Who takes care of them? Do they take care of themselves?

There are countless tent cities, endless. Tents beyond tents. Some made of sheets and cardboard. Rained so hard one night and all I could do was pray that it stopped for the people that were living in these "homes." So many, what does it look like for the years to come for these people that have lost homes?

Coming home today I saw the most heartbreaking thing I think I have ever seem on the streets of Haiti. I saw a zombie. The man we were with picked him out of the crowd. His face reflected the same hallow look as I had seen earlier in the children's faces. He was wearing all black and red and all over his skin was a white powder. HIs face looked lost, unresponsive to everything. A lost heart to evil. Broke my heart to see a man who had been captured by evil, walking with no hope, no response to the world,

It has been a trip that I will never forget. It has been a trip that continues to motivate me in a way that we are making roots in the country of Haiti for the Lord. The other day I was reading Deuteronomy 33:7, "Give them strength to defend the cause, help them against their evil enemies." In all the light I have seen in Haiti, I have also seen the darkness of hunger, sickness, brokenness, violence, homelessness, Defend the cause. How are we defending the cause for the broken? For the church? How are we defending the cause?

Driving home from Karfou I saw the exterior of a church still standing. Most of it had fallen, but the main part of the church stood and on top was a cross. High above everything else, the light of the world. Still standing, there to defend the cause. It was a beautiful sight in the midst of all that is broken. The church the hope of the world.

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