Thursday, January 14, 2010


Hello Everyone,
As many of you have seen over the days, Haiti is struggling. I have had the chance to talk with many of you through emails, texts, and phone calls and many of you are expressing that you want to help. I really want to encourage YOU to do so. These last couples of days have been very hard on both Caitlin and my heart. Tuesday night my sister and I were talking and we both were just thinking about how the streets of Haiti were wailing. I went to bed on Tuesday night and in my mind all I could hear was the wailing and weeping of the Haitian people. We have received little news, but the news we have received has been hard. One of my friends lost his home. He was able to get in touch with his mother today and he said that he is too scared to go outside because of the bodies in the streets. We also heard yesterday that the hotel we just stayed in has collapsed and some of our friends were inside. We have yet to hear from people in Cite Soleil.
Last night my roommate told me that there are reports of people who are under the debris and rubble, but the people outside could hear them praying and worshipping the Lord. I had to smile, in the midst of what I believe to be Haiti’s hardest hours, they are WORSHIPPING.
I know that you all have been watching the news and the reports are unimaginable. Many of you have said, “What can I do? I want to do something?” Caitlin and I just committed last night to going over at the beginning of February. We will be going into Cite Soleil with Help Tammy Help Haiti. Tammy, will be over there for a month helping with relief to her people and family in Cite Soleil. Relief will be food, water, rebuilding, and medical distribution. Caitlin and I will be coming along side her to help. Translating, being hands, giving prayer, and distributing. We have also felt it on our hearts to provide funds for this work.
We have yet to hear anything out of Cite Soleil. Cite Soleil is the slum outside of Port-au-Prince and we believe that they could be suffering the worst right now. We are writing to you because WE NEED YOUR HELP. We are fundraising for the cause of Haiti’s people. We are asking people to send money to help in the efforts of providing food, water, medical care, medicine, and rebuilding in Haiti. I am calling out to you all to act. Not just watch, but act for the cause of our brothers and sisters in Haiti. The earliest we will leave is the 3rd of February. We will be taking donations. Checks can be made out to 180 Degrees and sent to Leah Beidler, PO BOX 255871, Dorchester, MA. 02125-5871. We have recently formed a partnership with Caitlin’s church, 180 Degrees, in Myrtle Beach, and they will be supporting us in our future work, ministry in Haiti, and trip in February. We ask that all donations are sent by January 26th because we will be leaving at the beginning of February.
I would also like to ask if anyone would feel it on their hearts to support Caitlin and me in any way with funds. This is a sudden, unexpected trip and financially we are not equipped to go. If any of you feel it on your heart to support Caitlin and I in this endeavor we ask that you right in the lower left corner of the check, Caitlin and Leah.
I have also had people ask if I would be willing to speak to a group of people. I am welcoming that with open arms. If anyone is trying to advocate and motivate a school, church, or organization to help please contact me and we will set something up in the next week for me to come and speak and support this endeavor.
Thank you so much for your prayers, support, texts, and phone calls. In this all I just keep hearing the word REDEEM. I believe God is redeeming HIS beautiful Haiti! I ask that you continue to pray. I also ask that as Haiti begins to disappear from front page news and CNN in the next couple of weeks, that you DO NOT STOP PRAYING. I pray that Haiti does not leave your hearts. Thank you all for everything. I believe God is beginning to move in a MIGHTY WAY!

Leah and Caitlin

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