Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Last Day...

Again I observed all the oppression that takes place in our world. I saw the tears of the oppressed, with no one to comfort them. The oppressors have great power, and the victims are helpless. ~ Well, this morning started off different than others. We are sitting here waiting on our ride and a call from the man that we have been working with. Last night there was some cross fire in the area that we are working in and a little girl got shot and died. We got to talking on the phone this morning and he said, “She was in your camp; she was 12” This scripture continues to come to my heart over and over again. The great oppressor…. and the tears of the oppressed. See oppression coming from all sides in this place. Makes you frustrated, makes you sad, makes you exhausted, makes you desire to go deeper. Have been thinking more and more about discipleship and the great need to speak the power of God into this world, in Cite Soleil, specifically to the boys. Saw one of the guys that was involved sipping a beer in the streets the following day. The justice system does not exist. A 12 year old died, the man drank a beer in the streets, and the cops never came around. Thought about the great leader this man could have been….I look at the 5 year old boys here and think about what great leaders they can be with the correct leadership and discipliceship….. See a great need of rising up boys to be men that want to be leaders of change, leaders for Christ, leaders to fight for the oppressed, leaders to fight for their own people. This is happening all around the world. I think of Dorchester, MA where I am currently living. We are loosing children monthly to gun/gang violence. What makes the difference? Seeing more and more that the difference is discipleship and working alongside them through the good, the bad, and the ugly. The work isn’t pretty, it is often ugly, and often comes with getting burned out, fried, exhausted, and getting burned by people. Without the love of Christ breaking through in these places, what can be the lasting change? Do we weep for the things that make God’s heart break? And when we weep, why do we weep….how is it the spirit of God moving us to break for the things that break his heart? Nehemiah wept for the broken walls of Jerusalem, he wept for the people in exile…what makes our hearts, your heart weep? Haiti makes my heart weep. The oppression against the children makes my heart weep The day started off hard and I thought it would continue in that way. We got to Cite Soleil and some of the men that were working for us were a bit frustrated because other men wanted to work to. There was one specific man that just kept yelling. I finally laughed at him and gave him a hug. Asked if he was angry with me and made a comment that written on his shirt was the phrase, “Still Angry.” I translated it to him and we laughed, he quickly became my best friend. Favorite part of the day was hanging with my little kiddo that has become my favorite. We share the same joy. He is 4, I am 29 but we seem to laugh at the same things, he mimics my dancing, and constantly is bringing me things, by things, I mean garbage. Yesterday he brought me a doll that had a couple of chunks of hair. About ten minutes after that he brought me the doll and a clump of weave hair. I could not help but laugh. We tied the weave hair up on the doll and called it a day. At the end of the day I got a chance to observe him playing in the streets. He was playing in the garbage, standing in the garbage cannel. Just made my heart sad. The end of the day we visited another zone that wants to work with us. Twenty of us sat on the bridge talking about the need of the community. As we sat on the bridge that covered the cannel of the garbage I couldn’t help but think about the wind blowing the fumes and nastiness of the garbage in my face. Took a breath and realized that this is there life. They don’t get to leave this place, they don’t get to know the comfort of the next meal, they don’t get to feel the peace of knowing they can provide for their children, they don’t get to know that their children will be safe walking in the streets, they don’t get to take a nice shower, they don’t get to….the list goes on and on. I asked them what was the first thing they needed. It was simple…they wanted a little wall put around the sewer wall so the children wouldn’t fall in it. That is what they want. Not a food, not a job, they want a wall to surround the sewer cannel so they children don’t fall in or play in it. Feel guilty this morning, feeling sad this morning, feeling exhausted, don’t know if I am ready for the land of the plenty yet. Don’t know if I am ready to see wealth and having the chance to have a choice…but we are done and we are healthy. Thank you all for everything you have done to support us, you have truly blessed our hearts, the people of Haiti, Cite Soleil…we could not do it without you all. Love you all and continue to be so grateful that you are walking in this journey with us. Will be posting more pics on our blog when I get home….we are home Friday. Ricky leaves today…Ryna, Caitlin and I are out on Friday. Pray for our travels and planes. Pray for our hearts as I know the transition is always harder going from Haiti to America. Until next time…may his glory continue to shine and be the light that breaks through in this world.

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