Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Lord is Good

Week 2 almost done...crazy, time seems to be passing faster than I thought it would. Week two even better than last week. The older children have been the sweetest joy and the community continues to amaze me. Probably one of the neatest children at camp is a boy named Jhon. He has a quiet demeanor, but seems to come alive when he gets working at something. He lost his leg in the earthquake when he was 13 years old, but that doesn't stop him from serving. As the children filed outside today he asked how he could help. Helped passing out supplies, markers, just neat to watch him serve and see the strength behind his heart. One of our workers said he got there early this morning to help set up the chairs and the benches. Just made me smile to see a beautiful servant of the Lord working to serve others in the midst of what many could say was a burden. Tough child, with a beautiful heart. My other sidekick showed up today without pants. He is 5 years old and quickly an adult told him to head home home and get pants and come back. He kicked it with me the entire afternoon. He "helped" me roll yarn. He more so made a mess of it, but it was sure funny to hear him talk as he thought he was helping. We danced around while everyone else worked and he then proceeded to "try" and do what the big kids were doing. Held it up with pride, had to laugh inside as it was only one piece of string with a bead on it. Love the little kiddo. Been so neat to grow with the community and work with the children. Today a worship song came on during out workshops and it almost brought me to tears. It sang about Canaan. Just beautiful as it filled he church and the children sang in one accord. Just been full of spirit in a place that can often feel lifeless and dead. The skits have been crazy great for the children. Today we did the story of Zache, one of our workers climbed up the beam of a church to pretend he was in the tree trying to see Jesus. The children loved it. Our Zache had dreads and tattoos..hahaha, think that might be new. Ryna and I followed it up with a skit about why it is important to was your hands after you go the bathroom. We used glitter to show how germs spread. I spent about ten minutes practicing how to say diarrhea in creole, all the workers laughed at me. Couldn't get the accent right, but we made it work. We have had some good laughs together. Been grateful for the crew that we have been given. Saturday we head north for another 3 weeks in the mountains. Continue to pray for the group, the children, the bags. We don't have much transition time. We get there late Saturday and do camp on Sunday. Going to be a quick turn over...but know our youth are waiting for us. Continue to be so grateful for all of you and your support to us. Thank you. It might be awhile to the next post as heading into the mountains doesn't give me much internet access, but wanted to post some pics before we left. Until next time...
Skit for the Prodigal Son
Jhon. A sweet servant
Us "rolling" yarn.
Little buddy trying to do what the big kids were doing. He was proud of it:)
Ryna kicking it with Owl and throwing down some Creole.
Crocheting...they are throwing it down:)
Paloulou working with one of the children
Ryna and I rocking the skit of the importance of washing our hands.
We found some artist!!!!

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