Sunday, February 26, 2012

Some images from the North...

Veronica, the little girl we met that had TB. Happy, Happy

A walk into the moutains brought these images....

Another was a day of seeing and thinking a lot. We had the chance to visit a home outside of Port-au-Prince. The couple is supporting a home that houses 21 Haitian children. Amazing to see it up and working. Had some great conversation with them about there process of getting to Haiti, how the home functions, learning, asking, and seeing how God is moving in there lives. Before we left the children had a chance to sing for the people that were visiting. As they harmonized together, had to close my eyes and be amazed at how God is moving in this country.

A friend that works at the home had a chance to share this video with us. He recently watched it at a conference in Haiti. Today we watched it together and watching it again. I would encourage all of you to watch it. Compelling, moving, challenging. Makes me think about how we have and are moving in Haiti.

It can be a bit overwhelming, but working to be patient and be faithful in the little things and praying that God will continue to determine our steps. Being faithful by listening, praying, embracing what God is giving us. Tomorrow is another day...into Cite Soleil in hopes to deeper root ourselves in the community and listen to the people. Hopeful to look at land this week and dig the vision of a future home deeper and talk about working with the children living on the streets.

We are having a grand ole time. Still smiling, still eating flan. Till tomorrow....continue to pray that God reveals his plan for us, pray for our patience and strength, pray for safety, pray that God would show us the land. Pray that God would expand our territory. Pray that we would follow him and not try to orchestra our own steps. Today we read this verse, "Proverbs 20:24-25

24 The LORD directs our steps,
so why try to understand everything along the way?

Sometimes this is me, more than sometimes. I always try to understand everything along the way. I try to look 20 steps ahead and understand what is going to happen. We read this verse today and just had to smile at God lightly tapping me on the shoulder saying, "Just trust me, I will direct you."

So another day....

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