Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Our AMAZING Workers

(Top: Louvna, Bottom: Wilfet)

(Fertilan and Caitlin working together to paint)

This year we had a prayer that we could have some Haitian teenagers work for us. A prayer was to create a camp where they could have ownership and contribute to the program. We were so very blessed with five, wonderful, energetic workers.

Wilfet, specifically held a special place in our heart this year as we got to see the Lord working in his heart. Every morning before camp we would do a mini bible study with the workers. It was during this time that we got the opportunity to talk more with Wilfet about the Lord. After a couple of days Caitlin started doing English lessons with him. In no time, Wilfet would be at our house everyday at 2 for English. With English came amazing opportunities to speak to Wilfet about the gospel and God. One day we began to talk about temptation, voodoo, redemption, sin, and forgiveness. At the end of it we invited him to church with us on Sunday. On that Sunday I rounded the corner to find Wilfet in a nice pair of slacks, button up shirt, and shoes polished to the T. It was one of the sweetest sights. I would have thought it was his first day of school. The following week we talked to Wilfet about the importance of teaching your friends about the Lord. The next Sunday Wilfet showed up again for church, but this time he had a friend with him. We left Wilfet on our last days with tears thinking about how we had to leave him. The Lord blessed us with a unique and amazing friendship. The last day we stood with him and we felt like we had gained a brother. Wilfet holds a special place in our hearts. His circumstances present many difficulties to his life. His mother passed away, father crippled, leaving him with little help for school, but somehow in all that he endures his energy, smile, spirit, compassion radiate daily.

My one prayer for Wilfet is that he continues to seek after the Lord and knows that the Lord has a future for him no matter the trials that he will face and endure. My prayer is that one day Wilfet will have a family and raise his children on the strong foundation of Christ.

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