Thursday, August 13, 2009

Caitlin's Mural

This year Caitlin got to paint her fourth mural in Haiti. This year she got to paint the mural on the main road. It was so neat to have a different location and reach a different group of people. She wanted to focus the mural on the importance of family, children, husbands, and wives, and above all else LOVE. We were painting in a location that had many guys that gave us trouble with their comments. But on our last day we were able to have a really neat conversation with one of them. He was thinking that the mural was for the Devil since it had red in it. It opened a conversation about the mural. We were able to talk about the red signifying Jesus's blood and the sacrifice that God made for us. We were also able to talk about the importance of family and loving one another. Caitlin painted a pigeon in the mural, which helped us to talk about the Holy Spirit and the beauty of God's love. Really neat moment. Was a neat year fro Caitlin and her painting. It is such a blessing to Camp Hope to have her paint these murals, brings such life to the town.

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