Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The neatest gift.

It was our last Sunday in Haiti. It was hot and humid and we were on our way to church. In church you sit about 7 people to a bench. There is little wind circulating through the church. The air is dead and with every minute you grow more tired because of the heat. We all brought our own bibles and books to read during the sermon because we didn't understand. I was listening a little, but my mind was in my book until I heard the name, "Miss Leah," from the front of the church. The man was saying thank you to our team and saying that he was going to sing for Miss Leah and her team. I closed my eyes and listened as he sang, "Soon and very soon we will go to see the king. Soon and very soon we will go to sing the king, “in perfect ENGLISH. The sweetest gift anyone has ever given me. As I listened to his words I saw God's hands covering Haiti and blessing the country with his love. I saw God restoring Haiti.
Haiti is a place where 80% of the people live below the poverty line. Haiti is a place where 48% of the people are illiterate. 49% of the people are undernourished. 79% infant mortality rate. Haiti can only be healed by God. A place of suffering, hunger, and thirst. A place that is crying to be restored.
As he finished the song the people applauded our work with the children. I could not help but cry in that moment. A place where the people have nothing, but they somehow give you everything. That song was the most precious gift I will ever receive. They continue to teach me the beauty of compassion, love, and faith. They add richness to my life. Haiti still holds a piece of my heart. We will be heading back next year.
In the Summer of 2009, we will be returning to Haiti for another year of Camp Hope. Leah will be working to fundraise throughout the year. It is her hope that Camp Hope will be able to serve more kids next year. It is also her prayer to fundraise money throughout the year to send 300 children to school next year. It is 10 American dollars per child to go to school for one year. We want to be a voice for Haiti and its people. We want to bring education, Jesus, and hope to Haiti. Join Camp Hope in serving Haiti. If you are interested in helping Camp Hope, please contact Leah Beidler at
Thank you again for all your support, love, encouragement, and prayers. We would not have been to Haiti and back without you.

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